2017 Reef and beach cleanup

Rules and Regulations

1. Safety: Safety is a paramount consideration in this event. Since this is a recreational event we ask that no competitors exceed the recreational diving limit of 90 feet, or the maximum depth your training allows. Do not push your training limits or violate any safe practices.

2. DIVERS: If there is a piece of debris that has become significant habitat for sea creatures and would cause more damage to remove it, please leave it there!

3. TRASH needs to be sorted by category prior to weigh in. We will have bins on hand, to use in sorting process prior to weighing the trash.   Chains may be detached from the anchors and weighed in the metals category.  Each team may designate the “item” they wish to enter in the “Most Unique” category.

4. Registration: Will be done online or during the weigh-in process.

5. Entry: No team/individual is officially entered into the tournament until the tournament director has received all properly filled out paperwork and all fees are paid.  This includes, registration, waiver forms and scorecards at the weigh-in.

6. Weigh in: The weigh-in will take place on Sunday, September 24, 2017at the Bradenton Yacht Club,   4307 13th St WEST,   Palmetto, FL   starting at 1:00 PM. A representative from each boat must be in the weigh in line no later than 4:00 PM.

7. Awards and Prizes: Prizes will be awarded on Sunday evening after all trash is collected, sorted and weighed and scored. 

8. Photos/Videos: I hereby consent to be photographed while participating in the Reef and Beach Clean up event. The term “photograph” includes video or still photography, in digital or any other format, and any other means of recording or reproducing images. I hereby authorize the use of the photograph(s) by, or disclosure of the photograph(s) to: SunCoast Aqua Ventures promotional material including but not limited to their website www.SuncoastAquaVentures.com

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